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Answered Prayers

April 9, 2007

Dear Prayer Partners,

If you receive this message in the next couple of days we ask that you uphold us and staff and students at the school up before God.

Last night we had a pretty long prayer vigil in the girls dormitory (10pm-3am).  Some very spiritual problems were happening with girls passing out, going into seizures, things were occurring that had all the signs of demon-possession that we read about in the Bible. 

Praise God, He is so much more powerful than Satan, and He brought deliverance from the power of Satan as we claimed the power of Jesus name.  In the early hours of the morning a spirit of peace once again surrounded the dormitory and all the girls were dropping off to sleep.

The battle is not over yet and as we write this in town we have received a phone message that a couple of the girls are experiencing these same problems again.

If any of you are able to phone around and spread this request to your prayer partners, family, and church members we would really appreciate it.

Specifically, we are praying that God will help us to find the root cause of what has allowed Satan access to the girls dormitory.  Last night we have found and destroyed a couple of books that contain information which is known to be used in seances.  A couple of girls also said that for some time they had been seeing a strange man outside the dormitory calling to them, and it seems that they may have been dabbling with spiritualism, but nothing is clear yet.

Secondly, we thank God for the deliverance He wrought last night, but we would appreciate your prayers that He will protect the girls from recurring attacks of Satan.  Some of these girls come from non-Christian backgrounds and are just beginning to learn about the love of God.  Other of the girls who experienced these problems know about God but have been "sitting on the fence" regarding a full commitment to Him.

Thanking you in advance for joining us in prayer,

God bless,

Michael & Danielle


UPDATE - April 19, 2007

Dear Prayer Partners,

As we write this email, our hearts are full of praise and gratitude to God!  His name is powerful!  He is a faithful friend!  His kingdom will triumph!  It is a privilege to choose to serve Christ as our master, and to see His love and power transform lives!

Last time we wrote to you, we were in the middle of a battle.  Although in reality as servants of God we are always in a battle, but it's often

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