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Our Cats

Canīt forget a small space for our cats Jasper (Jas) and Jemma.  While we are away they are holidaying with some of their friends in the lovely town of Yinnar.

To our dear family and friends,

We just wanted to update you as to our plans...Yes we are finally getting out of the city & off to the country!  Will be setting out most likely on Thursday or Friday of this week.  Our plans are to catch an overnight bus to Trinidad, and then fly to Guayaramerin from there...but we'll wait and see.  Plans can change, or so it seems!

The best part of it all...there's a little grass hut out there that we will be calling our home!   It will also be a nice change from living in our one bedroom of someone elses house, hearing car alarms going off at all hours of the night for no reason, amongst other city noises.

Just briefly, it seems that our work will be a mixture of things...we will be continuing to help with video editing (using our laptop) for the TV station, capturing video footage of nature and of the school where we will be, as well as other similar projects in Bolivia with the opportunity to travel a bit for this as well.  At the school we will be helping out in a few different areas - mainly with administration, finances (not providing them, just keeping the records :-) ), development, agriculture.  There may be the opportunity from time to time for Michael to use his flying and gain some more experience in this, and also the possibility for me to help a little in the area of nursing/health etc.  Not sure exactly how these latter 2 will develop but will wait and see.

Thanks to those of you who have been praying for us as we've been waiting to make this decision.

Hope this finds you well.

Love Dani and Michael

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