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Album - Drift Seek Follow

This is a music CD of our original compositions.  After writing them in 2005 we completed recording these songs with the help of a good friend Michael Czarny in his professional recording studio.   As you'll hear, we're pretty-much musical amateurs, but these songs are songs of experience for us, and they may give you a bit more insight into our lives.  We hope you enjoy them.  (To download or listen to the songs, click on the song title). 

  1. Autumn Leaves (Prelude)
  2. No More Drifting By
  3. Thank You Father
  4. Amazing Grace
  5. Psalm 1
  6. When I Rise
  7. Praise Song
  8. My Grace
  9. Seek Me
  10. God is Love
  11. Now Unto Him
  12. Autumn Leaves

See inks below for printable artwork and guitar tablature.

God freely gave us the talents and inspiration for this music.  Permission is hereby granted to freely enjoy or share this music.  We only request that due acknowledgement is given. 

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