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Here are some links to videos for the school we're working at - "Unidad Educativa Técnico Industrial Richard Gates".  The "Changing Lives" videos are the ones we produced in June 2007.  Other previous school videos are included also, along with a "farewell video" we made in March for a volunteer family who was leaving the school.

The videos are provided in three different qualities - depending on the speed of internet connection you have available as to which one you want to download.  The largest one is in DivX format and is pretty-much as good as "DVD quality".

We hope you enjoy them!


  • Due to limited access to high-speed internet, not all videos may be available immediately.  Check back in a week or two for more vides.
  • We are trying to get some DVDs for the "Changing Lives" videos to Australia and the USA (as of late June 2007).  If you'd like a copy, contact us, and we'll try to arrange to get one to you.

School Videos - Current - "Changing Lives":  (produced June 2007)
  1. English Version - 18:42            WMV100 (13MB)    WMV384 (51MB)     DivX1152 (158MB)
  2. Short Version - 8:52                 WMV100 (6MB)      WMV384 (24MB)     DivX1152 (75MB)
  3. Version de Español - 18:42      WMV100 (13MB)    WMV384 (51MB)     DivX1152 (158MB)

School Videos - From the Archives:
  1. First Video (2004) - with another school in Guayana (from "Radical Mission" DVD)
                                                                                     WMV384 (36MB)     DivX640 (64MB)
  2. Second Video (late 2005) - project update video (from "Extreme Faith" DVD)
                                                                                     WMV384 (17MB)     DivX640 (30MB)

    Other Videos:

    1. Farewell video for the "Miller" family (slide-show-type video).
                                                                                      WMV384 (40MB)

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