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The Seventh-day Adventist church has an excellent educational program throughout Australia.  However they really only meet the needs of Adventists living in the suburban areas and large regional centres where their schools are located.  Many Adventists outside of these centres (including ourselves) are forced to seek other avenues to educate their children, with an increasing number considering homeschooling and/or distance education options.

We believe the Seventh-day Adventist church is ideally situated to extend their current curriculum to meet the needs of such families by developing a distance education program, and we are seeking to encourage the Australian Union Conference to develop such a program.  The first step in this process is to write a formal letter to Daryl Murdoch (Director of Adventist Schools Australia) - and to demonstrate interest from a significant number of Adventists around Australia.  We plan to send this letter on 26th February, with the hope that this matter will be given consideration at an upcoming board-of-education meeting in March 2013. 

The main points of this letter include:

  • That the Seventh-day Adventist church should provide for the needs of those who cannot attend an Adventist School, or have chosen to homeschool their children for religious and/or philosophical reasons.
  • That doing so would not only service the educational needs of Adventists, but would also provide a unique opportunity to interface with a range of other Christians who hold similar values in terms of Christian education.
  • That there is currently a gap in the availability of a quality and uniquely-Australian Christian distance-education curriculum in most states of Australia.  (Queensland being the notable exception.)
  • That such a distance education program could easily feed into the existing Adventist educational system if the family situation changed such that they choose to send their children to school.

Please help us by circulating this email among your network of friends, and by demonstrating your personal support for this request.  Simply copy-and-edit the text below, and email your response to dani@brightangel7.com.

Yes, I want to demonstrate my support for the development of an Australian-based Seventh-day Adventist distance-education program.

Name(s):  _____________________________

Postcode:  ______

Email address:  _______________________

Nature of support:  ___________________  [specify which points are applicable (i.e.: "1 + 2 + 5") or delete statements that are not applicable. ]
1. I believe the Seventh-day Adventist church should seriously consider developing a distance education program - to cater for the needs of a much broader number of its members.
2. I currently have children who I am homeschooling, and would be interested in seeing a distance education program such as this being developed.
3. I am considering homeschooling / distance education and would be interested in seeing a program such as this being developed.
4. I wish a distance education program such as this had been available at an earlier date  (i.e. when my children were younger).
5. I had never considered homeschooling / distance education, but I would like to see this option be made available.
6. I would be interested in helping to contribute my skills and/or time to help develop the concept of such a curriculum/program.
Other comments or additional contact details:_______________________________

If you have any other comments or suggestions you would like to add, please feel free to email them along with your response.  Replies before 26th February 2013 will be most helpful - as these statistics can be reported in the initial letter.

Kind Regards,

Danielle and Michael Engelbrecht

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