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Volunteering Links

Gospel Ministries International - www.gospelministry.org
This is the Christian organisation that we're working with in Guayaramerin, Bolivia.

Unidad Educativo Tecníco Industrial "Richard Gates" - boliviamissions.org
The website for the school on Guyaramerin, Bolivia. 

Red Advenir - www.redadvenir.org
This is a Spanish Christian television network, operating out of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, where we have been helping in January 2007. Sorry for all the English speakers but...its all written in Spanish.  This TV network broadcasts to much of Spanish speaking South America.

Brad & Lina Mills Blog (Old Website)
A blog from Brad & Lina Mills - the young volunteer couple who were involved in founding this school in Guyaramerin during 2004.

International Children´s Care (ICC) Australia - www.iccaustralia.org.au
This is the organisation that we worked with at the orphanage in the Philippines in 2003.

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